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ACM-8211 Products > IP Products > Network IP Cameras > PTZ IP Cameras > ACM-8211
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- 1/3” Micron Progressive Scan CMOS
- Day and night function with Mechanical IR Cut Filter (ACM-8211)
- Integrated f4.2 mm / F1.8 Megapixel lens
- 0.5 Lux at F1.0 (ACM-8201) / 0 Lux (IR LED ON) (ACM-8211)
- Selectable MPEG-4 SP / MJPEG compression
- Up to SXGA resolution at 8 FPS
- Multi-stream with variable frame rate in the same compression
- Shutter Speed, White Blance, Exposure , Gain Controls supported
- Unlimited digital zoom supported
- Two-way audio supported
- Hardware motion detection, Digital Input / Output
- DC 12V or Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) supported
- Surface / Pendant / Wall / Corner / Pole / Flush mount supported (ACM-8201)
- Surface / Pendant / Wall / Corner / Pole mount supported (ACM-8211)

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You'd be hard pressed to find a camera with such a wealth of features carrying such an attractive price tag. Chances are everything you imagined would be nice to have in a network security camera ACTi thought of it too and incorporated it into the ACM-8211.

It all starts with a megapixel imager providing you with highly detailed images. This is followed by extensive pan and tilt functions so you'll get to see more than just what's in front of the camera. The good news keeps on coming in the form of selectable compression options, audio I/O ports and built-in motion detection. Finally, there's its PoE feature, so you'll have greater flexibility in the installation process.

Motorized Pan & Tilt
Working from a remote Internet PC, you'll be able to access the camera's extensive P/T functions in order to quickly point the camera in the direction you need to see. There are also a number of preset positions so you can leave the camera to do its thing without you interfering.
Unlimited Digital Zoom
The small 'e' in the PTeZ camera name is not a typo, it stands for electronic zoom. So while this camera doesn't offer a physical zoom, it does provide the ability for unlimited digital zoom. This way, you can electronically magnify the image many times over until you find yourself staring at the fourth dimension of a pixel.
1.3 Megapixel Imager
Images taken with a megapixel camera are usually sharper and have better color depth; two of the most deciding factors when it comes to making a positive identification. Furthermore, by starting off with such a high resolution, image clarity is maintained even under digital magnification. This will potentially allow the use of a single camera to do the same job normally requiring the installation of two or more conventional cameras.
Optimized for Day & Night Surveillance
When night falls and you go to sleep, your camera stays wide awake. In light levels below 4 lux, the camera auto switches from color to an infrared sensitive B/W mode while flipping an IR cut filter away from the front of the lens. This means you'll get visible images even in the dark.
Progressive Scan Imager
A progressive scan imager captures an image in one take instead of in two stages the way interlaced cameras do. This means you won't get the blurring effect when viewing a freeze frame image of a fast moving object.
Selectable MPEG-4/MJPEG Compression
In case you're worried about overloading your network, the camera gives you two different compression schemes so you can pick the right one for your application.
Built-In Microphone
By attaching an external speaker and using it together with the camera's built-in microphone, you'll be able to hear and speak with a person at the camera location over the network. You can say hello or you can give them a piece of your mind; it's your call.
PoE (Power over Ethernet)
With the addition of a PoE injector, you will be able to power the camera via the same Ethernet cable used to communicate data to the camera. This will make it easy to install the camera near ceilings, in hallways, elevators, outdoors (with appropriate housing) and similar areas where running AC wiring can be a pain.


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