EL4-041-I [4CH 5MP(1080P) 5 in 1 DVR]

EL4-041-I [4CH 5MP(1080P) 5 in 1 DVR]

A powerful all channel Hybrid DVR. This is a powerful solution for everyday residential and commercial applications.

Auto-port forwarding makes the installation simple and easy. Scan a QR code for easy mobile access.

It supports up to 2 hard disk drives.

Applications: Retail store, Cooperate offices, Jewelry stores, Restaurants

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5MP/4MP/2MP/1MP/CVBS recording
Up to 4ch TVI/IP/CVBS/AHD. All channel IP Hybrid
SD-Spot: single and quad
4ch audio/alarm
1 HDD and various off-site options
PC & MAC Compatible
8ch Hybrid Recorder
High-quality HD Live & Playback
Up to 30pps @ 1080P
POS supported
Alarm, Audio, RS-485
PC & MAC Compatible (All channel-one-click playback)
Free Mobile app with full channel playback
U.S based P2P using QR code, uPNP