VIN-8432P16 [ 32CH H.265 8MP NVR ]

VIN-8432P16 [ 32CH H.265 8MP NVR ]

32 channels with 16port POE Professional AI surveillance Networking Video Recorder(NVR), Bandwidth In (Mb)/ Out (Mb) 256/256Mb,Facial Recognition (FR),Supports Human/Vehicle Classification, Supports fisheye dewarping via Web Client and mobile APP, Supports Plate Recognition,4K high definition display, Video Output support for: HDMI/VGA, Audio/Alarm, Supports 6 channels face comparison, Supports 2 channels Face Detection (FD),2 channels AI by NVR,4SATA 10T for each HDD. The series of CCTV systems can meet different security requirements of home, financial, commerce, enterprise, and transportation, etc.


32 Channels with 16 POE AI Networking Video Recorder 

  • Support for 32CH IPC Input Resolution0, such as 12MP/8MP/6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/1280×1024/960P/720P/960H/D1/ CIF
  • Video Compression support: H.265S/H.265 /H.265/H.264
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Graphic User Interface ( GUI ), Windows style operation by mouse
  • Multi-type recording: manual / timed / motion / sensor / POS / AI recording
  • Playback maximum to 16 CH simultaneous
  • Search: time slice, time, event, tag, and smart search
  • Support face detection and comparison.
  • Support multiple VCA (Video Content Analytics) events, such as object abandoned/missing, region intrusion, tripwire, video exception, etc.
  • Support license plate recognition
  • Support POS information overlay on live view and playback
  • Pentaplex: preview, record, playback, backup, and remote access
  • DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE network protocol
  • Compatible with third-party IPCs, such as ONVIF
  • Remote control via Web Client or CMS : preview, playback, backup, PTZ and configuration
  • Support 16CH PoE IPC direct connection to NVR via PoE ports
  • Multi-user online simultaneously
  • Authorization management, log view and device status view
  • 4K output, true high resolution display
  • Support PTZ preset and auto cruise, up to 255 presets and 8 cruises
  • Support NAT function and QRCode scanning by mobile phones
  • Powerful mobile surveillance by smart phones with iOS and Andriod OS

AI / Face Smart function: 

Channel 32 CH
Face Picture Database 32 libraries
5000 Face Pictures
Computing Capability 180 pictures / minute
Face Picture Search Search by picture is supported
Database Management Add, modify, delete and search face pictures
Face Picture Adding Add face pictures through APP, WEB and external import
Face Picture Comparison Support allow list, block list and stranger match alarm
Track Track display on a map
Statistic Graph
of Face Information
Bar graph
Statistic Mode of Face Information Statistics by day, week, month, quarter as well as customized time period
Weight 10 lbs